Sophia, Sophia, such a beautiful name.

the wisdom of life. mother nature.

the feminine aspect of God. creatrix of reality.

she’s the sacred feminine who has been forgotten by many throughout the millennia.

yet she’s the very life force and creative energy flowing through all.

if you want to get logical, it’s the woman who gives birth to life.

it’s the woman who gestates and creates.

it’s the woman who nurtures.

The Hebrew for Wisdom is ‘Sophia’ and in ancient scripture she reveals herself waxing lyrical to Solomon about how to best walk the walk and talk the talk.

She instructs, she guides, she whispers, she paves the way with her wisdom.

If you follow her whispers you are set for success.

She is your very own google maps directing your every step.

She is the ‘intuition’ that we all have inside of us, the holy spirit in the centre of our temples lighting up the way.

The key to life with her is through following the light, the joy, excitement and inspiration.

What feels light? How can you follow your inspiration, excitement and joy in any given moment?

She is always guiding us to alignment and to become an optimal vibrational match to our deepest hearts desires, which are of the most sacred order.

She’s always wanting us to co-create with her and take us and all of life higher.

The way of life with Sophia is easy, flowing and everything is working in divine order when every single being on this planet chooses to follow their passion and live life lead by their wisdom and intuition creating heaven on earth.

On a quantum entanglement level if it were to take on an energetic structure, from an aerial view it would probably look like the most beautiful, colourful mandala.

Not one of us is without wisdom. All it takes is to slow down, listen to your heart, follow the greater wisdom within that more often than not transcends anything logical.

It feels exciting, a little scary but totally inspired and grounded in goodness. Trust Sophia. Trust Wisdom. The still small voice in your heart wanting to create absolute magic and expect the miraculous to unfold.

With Love,