You are a unique, special, divine creation full of love and a whole lot of magic. It’s true. In fact, we all are.

We’re all creative, powerful, energetic beings as the masculine and feminine life forces within each and every one of us dance together.

Some have a little more yin and some a little more yang, some are heavy on the masc and some slightly more femme. And it’s beautiful.

If we were all the same it would be one boring world.

It’s time to rise in our own unique beautiful light. It’s time to elevate as humanity in our unity through individuality. It’s time to realise our divinity and shine our sacred soul essence for all the world to see.

The truth is… you ARE heart centred in your divine masculine integrity and truth, living from higher purpose and service. Grounded in clarity and aligned action. With a strength so powerful that it feels safe to be soft.

You ARE a magnetic force of nature, flowing with a creative feminine sacredness. Inspired by blissful desire to create heaven on earth. Connecting with the mother heart that brings this very planet together, living in love and unity.

As we rise in our truth and live in higher plains of joy, love and light – the oppressive systems built on fear and control won’t be able to stand any longer.

It’s time. We are free. You are free. You always have been.

Big Love,