Program Length: 5-9 months fully customised to your unique needs.

Timing: Four one-hour sessions per month, held via Zoom video or Skype video plus email, messaging and voicemail support in between sessions (except weekends).

Investment: $700/£550 a month with slight pricing differential if package paid in full at outset.

Your 1:1 Mentoring Program consists of the following elements:

  • One 60-minute super-focused, intuitive mentoring session held every week to start following the Unleashed Freedom Session (70 Minutes) and Deep-Dive Strategy Session (2 hours).
  • Holistic, Intuitive support across lifestyle, health and wellness, spirituality, energetics, mindset and business strategy
  • Unlimited email, text and voicemail support in between sessions (except weekends)
  • Relevant books, handouts, meditations, classes, event suggestions, networking connections and other helpful resources that support you on your unique path

This program is designed for Visionaries and Soul-Centred Leaders who need:

  • To up-level every area of your life because you need to find more freedom.
  • Upgrades in Money, Relationships, Self-Expression and Living your very best life.
  • To align to your Highest Purpose and create impact on this planet
  • Spiritual depth and Trust in your intuition so you can live in your power
  • Deep self-love and intimacy in their relationship with self and others
  • Commitment and Support to creating epic results in Life and Business
  • A holistic approach to growth and evolution in ALL areas of life
  • To master the mind in consciously creating your most Incredible life

>>>Areas You Excel In:

  • Mind Mastery and Belief Reprogramming
  • Pain Body and Trauma/Somatic Release
  • Inner Child Healing and Soul Centred Living
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Energy Mastery and Advanced Intuition Practice
  • Elevating Needs and Balancing Your Life
  • Accessing and Manifesting Highest Vision
  • Higher Self Embodiment
  • Supercharging Money, Sex, Power for Abundance
  • Authentic Relating, Communication, Confidence and Excelling in Relationship
  • Being the Channel of Embodied Wisdom and Divinity
  • Thriving in Business, Sales and Marketing
  • Aligned and Activated Mind, Body, Soul

>>>Tools that I use:

  • Strategic Intervention Coaching and Human Needs Theory
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Goal Mapping and Business Strategy
  • Intuitive guidance to accelerate your transformation
  • Mindset Creation to master manifestation
  • Spiritual Practices and Principles for Inner Healing
  • Guided meditation and visualisation practice
  • Belief reprogramming and reconstruction
  • Energetic mastery, somatic release and breath work
  • Awareness Questioning and Creative Writing assignments
  • Selected outsourcing (videos, guided meditations, reading, courses and relevant connections)


1. Creating clarity around your VISION, embracing personal genius and purposeful offering to humanity whilst having aligned actionable goals towards creating more freedom in all areas of life. 


  • Clarity of Vision for your life with a powerful Mission Statement and Aligned Actionable goals to Create your Personal Freedom.
  • Development of self trust, self love, self confidence and inner freedom as we clarify blockages and move through resistance with ease.
  • Creating deeper sense of self worth, revolutionising your relationship with money and seeing your finances expand.
  • Owning your zones of Genius, aligning with your strengths and sharing your super powers with the world.
  • Mastering the mind to create clarity, productivity and kick some ass!
  • Connect to your intuition on a deeper level and lead with your heart.

2. Embody Self-Love and bring conscious Awareness to the shadow, shining Light on old programs, beliefs, emotions and thought patterns that no longer support your Vision and Actions. Transforming and Transmuting what no longer serves you into turned on Power and enlightened Truth through expression in your relationships with money, sex and power.


  • True Sexual Liberation + Financial Freedom.
  • Transmuting Fear and moving into Expansion, Greater Awareness and Limitless Living
  • Living in Radical Love with yourself and All of life sharing your Truth as an Empowered being

3. You have returned home to who you are. Standing in your full power. Swimming in a river of limitless possibility. Effortlessly Expanding into the true image and likeness of your divinity where everything you want and need to be wildly successful is coming to you effortlessly and in perfect synchronicity for your highest good. This is your true nature. You dance through fear and flow through life embodying true personal freedom.


  • Regain trust in self and the wisdom of life in all
  • Your vision unfolding before your eyes
  • Mastery of creativity, money + manifestation
  • Embodiment of a clear, free, divine channel
  • Full Liberation from Shame in all areas of life
  • Conscious Community and Rewarding Relationships
  • Fully Flowing through life with Ease and Effortlessness

4. You live a life of Freedom and constantly inspire others to live in the light of their highest self. You are part of the conscious leaders of the planet creating new paradigms based on truth and love, rather than fear and scarcity. You are fully free and abundant in all areas of your life experiencing miracles and synchronicities as you flow through life with more ease.


  • Expanding effortlessly and consciously, living beyond anything that could hold you back from your Personal Freedom
  • Constant refining of vision as you continue to stretch creativity at the cutting edge of your field
  • A MAGNET for abundance, love, money, freedom and miracles
  • You are fearless to create what your heart truly desires
  • Live in a world beyond fear of change, fear of rejection, fear of trusting yourself or fear of judgement
  • Experiencing higher dimensions as a bright light experiencing the supernatural
  • You’re truly FREE to FLY
  • And because you are FREE, everything ALIGNS

What is your highest vision for your life in this moment? 

Imagine this and SO MUCH MORE
and you’re still nowhere near close to how truly GREAT you are
and your highest POTENTIAL in life.  

Trust that you came here to play ALL IN,
in this game called Life.

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