Hey soul sibling –

Did you ever see the movie entitled ‘Limitless’ starring Bradley Cooper and wonder if there was a way to make that happen in your life? – I did. I wanted the high productivity and infinite creativity. The ability to be super human and become someone who was in a position to impact millions in positive ways. I always felt like I had so much more to offer and knew that it was only myself holding me back from living a much greater quality of life, a life that deep down I knew I could have.

Being a typical Capricorn, I’m not one to go the quick route in life, so any drugs that could enhance my experience in this way never attracted me. But when I came across some cutting edge therapeutic tools to reprogram some of the beliefs that I knew were holding me back from living liberated in certain areas of my life I was intrigued.

I came across a concept called ‘Flow Consciousness’ which was all about living in a paradigm of limitless possibility and effortlessly manifesting your highest vision. Literally swimming through life in a limitless ocean of possibility. I signed up and put these tools into practice not really expecting that some pretty simple techniques would blow my mind into smithereens. It was literally reality collapsing to say the least and when I started to create more awareness through ridding the limiting beliefs I’d held and letting go of the collective conscious programming I was hypnotised under, I got woke.

It was by far the best thing that ever happened to me and after such huge expansion in such a short amount of time I needed a good period of time to integrate this new multi-dimensional way of looking at life. It was quite a journey and around a year after the program I started to accept this new playing field that is life. It was back to the game, a whole new game and I was ready to play ALL IN!

Now I want to support you in playing all in and deleting the negative beliefs imprinted in your ancient fear based reptilian brain and embody expansive ways of believing that resonate with your truest soul self, which is absolutely limitless.

Einstein once wrote:

‘To give visibility to love, I made a simple substitution in my most famous equation. If instead of E = mc2, we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the speed of light squared, we arrive at the conclusion that love is the most powerful force there is, because it has no limits.’

In my experience I can only wholeheartedly agree. As you let go of everything that limits, you are released into the most powerful force that is love. You literally become it.

So in letting go of these old ways of thinking that look a lot like shame, scarcity and the collective story that we’re fed on a daily basis you will start to see huge shifts around money, abundance, self-worth and self-love. The scarcity story is a big one for many of us and sounds a lot like ‘You don’t have enough. You aren’t making enough. You can’t make money doing what you love. You will never be out of debt. Blah blah blah.’

It feels constricting. It feels heavy, dull and like a big burden that will never go away. Do you recognise any of this? It’s been so loud in the back of my mind and plenty of others I know for decades. I think money has been my number one pain point in life. It has kept bringing me back to jobs that aren’t in alignment with my highest excitement and in enslavement to paying off my student loans and basically worrying about and therefore worshipping money.

So for this exercise of teaching you to release limiting beliefs and embody new limitless ways of being I’m going to use money as an example. Mainly because for so many of us it’s such a hushed subject that isn’t spoken about. Strictly taboo. Really, money is just a creatively powerful extension of a soul. When it’s been put in the hands of a saint, it is assigned a drastically different value than someone of evil intent. Simple.

But it’s not so simple. These scarcity stories that we use are there as a security blanket. A way to keep control and something to relate to others with to fill that void of loneliness. Because underneath this – I definitely used it that way. People can relate to problems. I mean, who can relate to someone who is simply light, love and abundance all the time? Who can relate to someone who believes they can have it all and therefore do have it all? That’s not human, and I don’t want to feel lonely. So I’ll just stay this way.

But what if we all started to relate to each other in a new way. Where we believed we were abundant and could have it all. Cultivating a culture of encouragement and thriving in economies built on sustainability, connection and love. After all, we live in a naturally abundant world full of life, vitality and a prosperous nature. You merely have to look at mother nature to realise that.

What other revolutionary ways can we look at money?

  1. The more money we have, the greater impact we can contribute. It is a powerfully creative resource and I’m sure it wants to be put in the hands of people who want to use it to create tangible things that have huge impact on this planet.
  2. Money is just another form of energy. We assign meaning to everything in life and have our own personal relationship with it. So what are you buying into in regards to money? What meaning are you assigning to it?
  3. Money is a powerful tool for growth. The principle of giving has a profound ripple effect on your life and you can reap bountiful returns in many different ways. Investing in yourself and others is a powerful way to see huge development and growth in all areas of life.

Here’s an exercise (with example) I’ve been sharing a lot lately, I hope it serves you.

Let’s get clear on what’s underneath your limiting belief coming up – become mindful of thoughts, questioning your reality and delving deep creating insight to really see what kind of space you’re operating from.

Awareness is the key here to change and release the old to welcome in the new.

Once you’ve become aware, action is the way to change the thinking. This has been a huge part of my growth and massively instrumental in the breakthroughs I help support clients through.

How to Release Old, Limiting Beliefs


Fear Thoughts: I hate money. Money is evil. Only evil people have lots of money. I never have enough to get what I want. I won’t be able to earn enough to create the things I want. I don’t have enough to invest in things that will support me. I will never be able to pay off this student loan. I can’t live a life that I want. I can’t support people who need my financial help. My dreams will never manifest because I can’t earn the money to support them. Money is so difficult to earn. You can’t make money doing what you love.

Underlying belief: I can’t have enough. I’m not enough. There isn’t enough for everyone.

Old Action: Not investing in things that support your dreams. Saving money from a place of fear. Complaining about money. Not taking action towards creating abundance. Self-sabotaging in ways to stop yourself from receiving more money for your gifts and offerings. Not charging for your services. Not charging enough for your services.

Results: Feeling stuck, constricted and helpless.

How to Create New, Limitless Beliefs


New belief (how you would like to feel instead): I am infinitely abundant and all of life is conspiring in my favour.

New Actions: Living from a place of excitement and creatively sharing your ideas. Requiring suitable energy exchange for your services. Knowing your worth and living from an empowered place. Sharing your self and creating greater opportunity for abundance. Giving yourself new standards of living. Giving your money to projects and charities that align with your soul. Investing in your life to take you further along the ascension path and become the best you. Saving towards creating your dreams. Spending from a place of abundance and trust.

Results: You are living with that ecstatic blissful feeling of abundance. You are trusting that you receive ten fold back for what you give. You are living in a higher vibrational place of limitless love and light and have more money to be an extension of this. You can create and bring your ideas into manifestation through the financial funds you have. You can live from a place of ease and gratitude that you always have enough.


This works friends. There’s no quicker way to changing than really putting your whole self in the game and saying (even if you don’t believe it at first) I AM WILLING TO CHANGE, here’s how I’ll step up to create that SPACE to allow it to happen.

I would take this a step further in my 1:1 work by creating customised tangible actions with accountable goals attached to really help ingrain the new beliefs. As well as some physiological and psychological reprogramming techniques that have dramatic effects in short spaces of time. After all, consciousness creates reality as supported by many quantum theorists and biocentrist scientists.

But sometimes we just need to take action from a new belief and watch things manifest in our very reality. Have courage. Keep expanding and growing in the direction of your highest, most limitless self and surround yourself with people on this journey too.

Loving you always.