I was reminded last night of an afternoon in Londons St James Park last year where I met up with a friend who was dropping in on her travels.

As we walked around the park in the Summer Sun catching up on life and enjoying our beautiful surroundings, she told me she was in some pain.

She was about to head back to California soon and have an intensive operation on her front tooth and it was causing her some dis-ease.

We both lived with a belief in miracles and having met almost a year prior, learning one of the many spiritual healing methods out there, I knew there was healing to be done here.

The thing is, as great as all these different healing practices are, they usually all lead back to the same method of laying on of hands and using a greater source from within, which brings us back into alignment with our healthy vital self.

I knew in my heart that my friend didn’t deserve to suffer with this pain and spend thousands of dollars on a surgery that would put her out for for some time.

So here we were under a tree in that London park and as I laid my hands over her face, I felt a voice say that she needs to forgive someone.

She recalled a traumatic experience as a young girl in which she had broke her nose, experienced some bullying and smacked her tooth hard on a paved floor. She chose to forgive this girl.

We did a little more delving into what she might have believed because of this situation and chose to let go of any lies and believe the truth that she is free.

A few days later she had to go to her dentist for her pre-op consultation and he said it had healed on its own and she didn’t need the work any longer.

An afternoon in the park, talking, connecting and naturally having compassion to see healing saved her thousands of dollars and created an opportunity for a miracle.

A miracle that happened through the power of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the letting go of the limits we place on ourselves and others. It sets us free from the past. The past hurts from others and even as we forgive ourself it sets us free from the judgment we have placed upon ourselves throughout life.

Your natural state of being is full freedom, unconditional love and an infectious vitality.

Expect miracles to happen in your life when you chose to forgive yourself and others.

Forgiveness Practice: One of my favourite ways to practice forgiveness is by visualising the person I am forgiving. Our imagination is incredibly strong and connected to the subconscious part of our brain which is far more powerful than the conscious aspect our brain. So I picture them and perhaps the picture isn’t all that pleasing to begin with, but as I choose to forgive as the sovereign self healer that I am the picture starts to change and my feelings towards the person and situation change too. I find for extra effect speaking words of love and forgiveness over the person helps with the process.

I understand that sometimes people aren’t ready to forgive someone for doing something incredibly hurtful. This is understandable from one perspective. But from a higher perspective, you deserve to give yourself freedom and take back your power from allowing anyone to make you feel anything less than love. Forgiveness is something that we do out of self love for ourselves. It sets us free.

One of the most transformational tools in creating more self love and personal freedom is forgiving ourselves for being less than the person we know we’re here to be. Forgive yourself instead of choosing to feel guilt or shame. This is such a lifestyle practice and as soon as you become mindful of any guilt or shame you’re feeling about an action you’ve made that doesn’t align with the love that you are, choose the most empowering action and forgive yourself.

At the end of the day, we’re all forgiven. It is done. Everything. And when we live from this place of freedom we can use this practice to recognise the freedom and forgiveness we have been given.

In soul expanding service and gratitude,