What lights you up?

Do that.

85% of Americans don’t like their job and something like 94% of Chinese and Japanese people are in the same boat. Why waste 45 years of your life slaving away for the 1% when you’re the one that this is about.

We all want more equality and freedom, right? Imagine if everyone was following their passion and purpose, deeply connected to the very reason why they’re here. Living bravely enough to flow through life living their dreams rather than wasting energy doing something they hate.

We’re all too special for anything less than that. We’re not here to live 9-5 lives slaving away for the corporations. We’re here to bring an authentic, unique offering of our gifts, talents and strengths to build community, unity and harmony in this semi-lost world.

I know I’m writing this and posting it on social media but I’m so done with trying to be anything but me anymore, it’s too exhausting – and yet we’re all bringing a very one-sided version of ourselves to these platforms. I’m going off on a tangent here, but my point is life isn’t necessarily all that we’re showing on here. It can take a great amount of blood, sweat and tears to truly do what you heart desires in life.

My next social media challenge might be where participants do a ‘live’ everyday  talking about how we’re really feeling – creating some true connection on these platforms. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

Anyway, to do what truly lights you the fuck up usually means that you’ve got to do some serious transformation to be the person required to do that, because the reason why you’re not doing it right now is because you’re not the person it takes to do it. Or else you’d be doing it, right?

It goes something like this. We don’t like change because it makes us feel unsafe. (Yet change is the very constant friend that you can always rely on in life.) We’re trying to show up as perfect and do what we think other people want, when really it’s all about you. It’s an inner job. It takes trust in yourself. A deep self love that is so strong it forces those parts of you that are holding you back to die.

That’s where the real magic happens. In the dark, shadow, hell fire – whatever you want to call it. The place that you’re most scared to go. The death to the ego and “identity” so you can become that free channel for the divine in you to expand into every part of your being and light you the fuck up.

Here you are: light. love. (part)truth. unified. service. knowledge. grace. flow.

Your pain is the very thing that will make you powerful. Your mess is the very thing that will become your message. Embracing the darkness is the only way to come out shining in the light. If you’ve been going through a shitty time and feeling all kinds of crazy emotional baggage come up recently, like me. Just know it’s only temporary. Lean into it and embrace it and you’ll come out with ten times more freedom, until it happens again – of course.

Journaling Prompts:

What Lights me up? What is my highest excitement?

What are my strengths? What are my zones of pure genius?

How would I choose to spend my working hours in life so there’s no longer a distinction between work and play?

Who do I need to become to get there? (clue: it requires true empathy, authenticity and embracing your unique genius)

What can I do this week to be this amazing version of me?

ACTION: Spend two hours a day doing the thing(s) that light you up.


Let me know if this helps you and how spending two hours a day doing what lights you up has a great effect on your life?

Have the best week doing what lights you up!

All my love

Josh xoxo